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Hiring The Best Divorce Lawyer To Protect Your Interests PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 08 April 2009 22:46

Divorces are stressful and emotional, even in an amicable divorce. This article covers the benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer who will best protect your interests.

Author: Christine O Kelly

Divorces are exhaustive and emotionally draining on everyone involved, even in an amicable split. The number of vital decisions regarding child custody, asset division, and spousal support are stressful and demanding. When spouses dispute a decision and are unable to come to an agreement, it is usually necessary to hire a divorce lawyer. Their guidance and experience in unbiased legal representation can ensure a productive negotiation process and the protection of each client's interests and needs.

Not all divorce attorneys are equipped equally to handle this type of case. It can be challenging to find a family law attorney who can adequately protect your interests. This article explains the value of a lawyer throughout the legal process and some factors to consider when hiring one.

Divorce Lawyers Are Valuable In Any Divorce

A qualified divorce lawyer offers many years of experience in settling the affairs of couples seeking divorce, including negotiations regarding the division of property and assets. Divisions are often complicated due to the type of asset. For instance, selling a home can result in a significant amount of capital gains tax. In addition, capital gains or losses may result when dividing retirement accounts and pensions. Many other circumstances benefit greatly from the advice of a lawyer.

The representation of a lawyer is crucial in negotiating child custody and visitation agreements. A lawyer will also address spousal support and any other legal issues vital to a divorce.

Seek A Lawyer With Experience

Always seek a lawyer with extensive experience in your type of case. Never settle for a lawyer who does not regularly handle this type of case. A lawyer with experience is valuable for many reasons. First, they are familiar with local judges. Second, they know how to work with a mediator. Keep in mind that an experienced lawyer also usually has more detailed specializations, including handling situations with complicated child custody issues, family business matters, and more. Significantly experienced divorce lawyers can offer you the most value.

Communication And Easy Accessibility

Not all lawyers are as communicative as others are. Some will return phone calls and e-mails promptly while others seem to ignore you. Working with an unresponsive lawyer can make a stressful situation much worse. For instance, you may have a crucial question for your lawyer and need a prompt response to tie up loose ends, but you never hear back after multiple phone calls and e-mails. A Chicago divorce lawyer, or a lawyer in any other city, should provide you with communication and accessibility instructions so you know how and when to expect a response.

Is A Lawyer Really Necessary?

If you have no children, few assets, and little property to divide, a lawyer may not be necessary, as you may be able to reach an agreement on your own. Even if you do have considerable issues, like child custody and property division, you may effectively negotiate your divorce without a lawyer or mediator. However, this is rare even in amicable separations because people become emotional when a marriage ends. Since each case is unique, consider the complexity of your circumstances to decide if a lawyer is necessary to help you negotiate an acceptable settlement.

About the Author:

Christine O'Kelly is a writer for Vojta Law, divorce lawyers in Chicago specializing in negotiating divorces. This Chicago divorce lawyer's office also has expertise in adoptions, paternity, separations, spousal support, and child custody issues.